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Renting Commercial Refrigeration

Do you wish to enjoy partying at a distant location but want to keep everything chilled there? You may rent out commercial refrigeration for your general gatherings and grand parties. Lease To Own True Refrigeration specializes in leasing and renting commercial refrigeration to high scale retailers or general functions. Whether you need a hotel, restaurant or a departmental store, where you need to keep things at a standard temperature for its freshness and good taste, then we give you an amazing refrigeration solution at affordable rates through renting commercial refrigerators. If you can't buy and don't want to invest such huge amount of money, get it leased or rented on very easy monthly payments

If your business deals in supplying fresh and wholesome products then refrigeration shall be playing an important role in your overall business operations. We help you to provide healthy and fresh food products with the help of high quality commercial refrigeration on lease and rental terms. You may find various state of the art commercial refrigerators in our stock that are equipped with latest technology and best facilitating designs. In traditional designs we have a solid door, half door, glass door, solid door refrigerators and freezers, while the rest of the stock includes, food prep tables, under counters, Worktops, Chef bases, Milk coolers, Glass door merchandisers, Air curtains, Horizontal freezers and dipping cabinets, Display cases and under bar refrigeration

Renting commercial refrigeration is really affordable

Don't be misguided by the excessively charged prices of various commercial refrigeration service providers as they add unrealistic markup to the price and offer it for renting. Lease To Own True Refrigeration want to create a friendly and long term relation with its business clients that's why renting commercial refrigeration is accommodate all your needs in a limited budget. You don't need to pay a one-off price for a machine which can easily be rented out. We charge you very low or you may avail different discount offered on easy terms and conditions. Now you can keep eatables like eggs, milk, yogurt, poultry, beef, mutton, fruits, vegetables and other perishable items.

The commercial refrigeration we offer for renting, are specifically designed for commercial and extensive work environment. So you can get a more suitable match for your business in terms of refrigeration. You may facilitate your employees working closely with the kitchen or the consumers picking different products themselves with the horizontal and vertical air curtains. They will like the attractive idea of keeping things cool with an easy access. You may call us right now for renting commercial refrigeration and making your stakeholders happy.