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Air Curtain Merchandiser

Do you own a hotel or restaurant where you need to serve chilled food products? Lease To Own True Refrigeration is striving hard to make your business-customer relationship stronger and trustworthy. We have been facilitating our business clients for the past many years with seamless leasing services of all necessary chilling machinery. The air curtain for merchandisers are one of our remarkable products to offer you on lease terms to keep the products in normal temperature.

The air curtain for merchandisers on lease terms gives you freedom of finance as you get a complete refrigeration solution for minimal charges. You may have encountered various refrigeration solutions for your business, but have not decided to purchase one because of its high prices. Lease To Own True Refrigeration offers you horizontal as well as vertical air curtains for merchandisers at affordable monthly intervals. These are economical and convenient as well in its use. Whether you want to facilitate your customers or employees, it works best for all. We have different solid and glass horizontal air curtain for merchandisers to suit your business too. Get a refrigeration solution on lease now and save much of your money. We have offer cooling solutions for all your products as well; you may review them at the products’ tab. We have the traditional designs like solid door, half door, glass door, solid door refrigerators and freezers, the food prep tables, under counters, Worktops, Chef bases, Milk coolers, Glass door merchandisers, Air curtains, Horizontal freezers and dipping cabinets, Display cases and under bar refrigeration.

Why not to own economical air curtain for merchandisers on lease?

In you are running a retail business and need to take care of the day to day refrigeration of perishable products then contact us and get air curtain made for merchandisers at affordable terms and conditions. As we know, most of the retailers are not financially sound to pay a one-time huge cost of commercial refrigeration that’s why we have designed different leasing plans to facilitate them with vertical or horizontal air curtain merchandiser, whichever suits their business, at acceptable and affordable terms. Whether you need to store dairy products, red meat, poultry or seafood, we give you a complete, economical and Eco friendly refrigeration answer. Now you may serve your customers with the most fresh and healthy products ever produced.

We have been serving our retail clients for the past many years. Our high quality products meet their commercial requirements and same is the reason that we are getting more business by word of mouth. Some of our valued clients demand vertical air curtain made for merchandisers while others feel more comfortable with horizontal products.

If you are also a caring and quality conscious merchandiser then you will need to lease air curtain to preserve the food products fresh, healthy and hygienic. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and request more information about vertical or horizontal air curtain refrigeration.